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Got a great photo idea?

Enjoy being in front of a camera? Got a great photo idea you'd like to bring to life? Do you wish to expand your portfolio, share a cool photo on Instagram or surprise your loved ones with professional pictures?

Maybe you don't want to spend money on a photographer or expensive equipment. Then TFP might be the right option for you!

What is TFP?

TFP stands for "Time For Prints" (or more lately used as "Time For Photos"). It simply means both the model and the photographer work for free. You invest your time and creativity in front of the camera, the photographer provides the technical equipment, studio and their time.

You can use TFP photographs in your portfolio, on social networks, etc. and typically so can the photographer, for example on this site. However, neither party can sell TFP photographs for profit, unless explicitly agreed in the contract (yes, we do written contracts even for TFP).

Is it truly free?

If you're considering working with someone as "TFP", make sure they're truly respectful of the mutual agreement, your rights and privacy.

At GLABS•PHOTO we guarantee compliance with the TFP principles and a written agreement with the model. No one will charge you for the photos and we oblige to not using TFP photos for profit or commercial purposes, other than our portfolio and promotion. You will be signing a TFP contract with the photographer that clarifies the permitted use of the photos.

TFP collaboration is predicated on mutual understanding and willingness to participate on a particular project and cannot be "demanded".

Benefits of TFP

  • Ideal for beginners early in their careers

  • An opportunity to expand your portfolio

  • Ability to carry out projects in a professional setup

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Limitless creativity

Maybe all you need is just a great portrait for your profile. Or, maybe you're full of ideas but don't have the means to make them real. That's a great start for a TFP session! Photographers love to escape the mundane work to the land of creativity, and your idea might be the right one!

How it works

It all begins by sharing ideas, agreeing on what we could be working on together. Just shoot us a message and we can start! If you have existing photos to share, or an Instagram or Facebook profile, send those over along other photos we can use as inspiration. The ideal session takes two to three hours during which we're able to work on 2 to 4 themes, depending on the complexity of the setup. You will typically receive five finished photos. You can find more information about the practical aspects of the photoshoots in the FAQ.

TFP Contract

Even though there's no money involved, we sign a TFP contract with all models. The contract clearly states how you and the photographer can use (or not) the resulting photographs. The standard agreement grants both you and the photographer to right to use the photograps for non-commercial, non-profit purposes only (portfolio, social networks, etc.). The contract can specify additional amendments if needed.

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